Pueblo Community Online is now up and running - just needs content added, which I don't have time to do this morning but should be able to get to that starting this evening/tomorrow.

This forum is not fully integrated into Pueblo Community Online - that is, if you sign up on the forum, you still have to sign up separately at Pueblo Community Online in order to comment on articles and stuff.

Meanwhile - the answer to the big question of what happens to Pueblo Community Forums is: N O T H I N G.

These forums are not changing, they're staying right here - so you can visit directly or via Pueblo Community Online. There are no changes to anyone's accounts or anything - but you just need to know that the forum and website are separate accounts, that's all.

Pastor Roy is now an official Blogger - he has his own blog, Christian Talk, at Pueblo Community Online. Please stop by and lend him some support - I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

My blog is also going to appear on there once I get my official blog site up and running - it's called The Weekly Soapbox. It will be another week or so before that is up - many of my blog articles from there will appear in Pueblo Community Online - I'm 'syndicating' some of my content now, so you may see it appearing in other places besides Pueblo Community Online and The Weekly Soapbox.

My blog at Pueblo Community Online is just called Sandra J. Dykes - aka, "Oh no! What's she going to say next?!"

So that's it for now - will announce more later -