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Thread: Pacheco resigning

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    First. Pacheco was not a "Great Manager", nor should he be awarded with another supervisory appointment. He has proven to be totally ignorant (or arrogant) about executive management and it's many responsibilities.

    As a "Manager" he did, for the most part, show some sort of "Fiscal Responsibility" in keeping the cost of the city employee's payroll down. On the other hand, regarding "Capital Construction" he has shown himself to be totally lacking in judgement and ability to control costs or the various members of Council who insisted on Cadillac at a time when the city could little afford used Volkswagen.

    Add to that, "Fraternization" . . A bad practice made worse because of the involved politics and profiles of those involved. You cannot be "close friends" or involved with people who are your subordinates. It doesn't work, never has, never will. Pacheco, if he were any kind of leader or manager would know that. He doesn't and after having been given a second chance, didn't learn a d@mned thing from it . .

    As for the City Council Members? Professionalism goes out the door when partisan politics enter . . Garcia, Nawrocki and Nicols all have made partisan declaration either during or before their election campaigns, and several other former members have made similar declarations after serving on Council. Some were more partisan in their leanings than others . .
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    My personal opinion is that when he first took the job, he took the bull by the horns and impressively got things done. However, I am no longer impressed with him because of decisions he made that basically amounted to his tossing his professionalism out the window.

    I will agree with you that overall he wasn't a "great" city manager because he lost his focus and made some decisions that affected his performance and his personal life both - and resulted in mistrust of the people of the city he served.

    However, apparently there are still quite a few people who think he's still great anyway - maybe those are people he hired or did favors for - if he did favors for me I'd likely still think he was great, too. Or maybe some of them are personal friends who don't want to believe their buddy can do any wrong - there's a certain loyalty that friends have for each other that way and I don't want to discount that.

    There is so much more that I could say about this, but won't - at least, for now.
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    I cannot see that in any good management, business or military paradigm where the CEO is asked to resign and then given a lesser position in the same organization. Bad business in my opinion. And as far as arrogance, every time I have spoke with Pacheco at a function he is always looking over my shoulder for someone more important in which to impart his wisdom. Having a sexual relationship with a subordinate under your command and control is a firing (or court marshall) offense. As I said before, he will run the city from the planning office just as the council intended.
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