I see Thomas Tienda has been charged with a felony.

Does the Chieftain read this forum? I hope so, because there are so many tenant complaints against Tienda that he should be investigated further.

He lies to his tenants, refuses to give them his last name, and the courts know him pretty well there, he's always trying to sue his tenants, yet he never wants to keep his properties maintained.

The health department should look into some of his properties that have not been properly taken care of after sewage backups, and many of his places are infested with mice and bugs. Some of his properties are downright dangerous.

If anyone is reading this, DO NOT rent any properties from someone who just calls himself "Tom" or "Thomas" but refuses to give his last name and other information.

I hope the chieftain follows through on this story they published and will investigate him and his dealings a little more.