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Thread: 1st annual Pick up America day

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    Calling all Americanís

    Have you ever looked on the ground along our roads, outside our buildings, in our parks, playgrounds. Have you ever wondered how much trash is thrown on our land? I grew up in a large city, I have seen my fair share of litter, and to be honest I have always thought it was just a big city problem, I was wrong.

    While driving through the US on a recent vacation I was saddened, then appalled, and finally angered over the amount of litter across the nation. From the large cityís to our two lane roads in the middle of no where, we are riddled with litter. For all the beauty we have in our lands, we have a cancer spreading for coast to coast that can no longer be ignored.

    Aug 1st 2005 is the first annual Pick Up America Day we are asking everyone who lives in the USA to take a trash bag outside and fill it full of litter.

    I would like America the beautiful to still be beautiful when my grand children are starting familyís of their own. I do not want the future generations to inherit America the land of trash.

    Pick up America will also launch a huge campaign targeted towards corporate America called Adopt a home. Where we locate abandoned homes though out the USA and have it fixed up and donated to a needy family in that area, or if its not savable to have it removed to help clean up that neighborhood and make it a safer place for its residents

    Pick up America A non profit Organization

    Vision: Our ultimate goal is to rid America all forms of litter.

    Mission: It is our mission to clean up America from coast to coast, by inspiring all Americas to join us for an annual pick up America day. We are also dedicated to the remolding of abandoned homes and donating them to Americans who are in need of a new start. We are Americans helping Americans attain the American dream once more

    Stop by today and sign up for PuA day!


    Connie Warren


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    So how many more new threads will be created on this topic up until August 1st? If you just reply to your original thread, it will keep it high enough up in the forum for everyone to see and will keep the board from getting cluttered with repeated topics/messages.'s a good idea. Once I know if I'll be around August 1st, I'll sign up.

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    Lightbulb Nature Center Project

    Today Pick up America joined in to help clean up the nature center. Alot of garbage was collected from the river and the trail. I was totaly discusted with what I seen today, I personaly removed a Dirty Diaper from the Arkansas river. I can not believe the lazyness of some people, as we are cleaning up around the picnic areas people are asking us to take their trash. I guess the 25 yard walk to the trash can is to much for them. All in all it was a great project, I only wish more had atteneded. I hope everyone does their part by signing up at and most of all by not littering.

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    Default yesterday

    Kathryn Newton (right) scours the Arkansas River bank for trash near the Greenway and Nature Center of Pueblo on Saturday morning along with Connie Warren (center) and Shawn Downer.

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    You did good!
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    I think that everyone that participated done an excellent job.
    This is a never-ending problem that we are all going to have to step forward and doing something about it or us is going to be over ran with garbage. There are a lot of great projects out there such as the adopt a highway program, cleaning projects such as the one at the nature center. More needs to be done though, it is not going to stop unless people stop littering. Every day I see people tossing trash, cigarette butts and bottles onto the ground.
    Lets face it America it is up to you as Americans to do your part. Take the extra steps to the trash can, do not toss your trash out along the highway for someone else to pick up.
    This is. Our country and it are a beautiful place. If it is not so beautiful in your area you can make a difference grab a trash bag, go out and clean it up.

    For those that need help organizing an event or those that are in need of help please contact us at

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    I would like to see the states increase the fines for littering as well as more community service.

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