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01-29-2013, 05:17 PM
Sometime back I made a statement on the "Pueblo City Council" thread . . Post #51, where I said:

"As in our current Federal Government, we have both, now, a City Council and a County Commission who have either no or one member who isn't either a Politician or a "Community Organizer" and who has spent most of their adult lives taking from the taxpayer and, often as not, spending it in questionable ways . . No experience in "creating" income though . .

I look for both the Council and the County to be up to their @sses in debt before any one of their terms are up . . and both raising taxes to pay for it and crying about the inability to maintain the infrastructure they are ultimately responsible for . . while buying more votes by financing social issues that no one can afford!"

I didn't think it would happen this fast!

They found out yesterday that they were buying a building (The Dennis Maes Memorial Judicial building and the John P. Cordova Memorial parking lot) for about $115 million dollars more than they told us it would cost when Chostner and Nunez voted to build it . .

F--king lovely . . . . . .

01-30-2013, 06:37 AM
Now Chostner and Nunez are screaming that they told everyone what the Judicial Monument was going to cost . .

Perhaps they did . . Apparently no one heard them . .

04-06-2013, 01:19 PM
And as of yesterday, the current County Bean Counter has dug up the "Correct Numbers" . .

Turns out, Wells Fargo gave them a payment schedule that added up to $185 Million dollars, after they had given the then Commissioners the correct one, which the interest amount on $58 Million Bucks was $55 Million . . Totaling ? $113 Million . . Nobody, not Nunez, Cordova or the new District Attorney Jeff Chostner apparently bothered to look . . And spent more time spinning it than they did asking questions of Wells Fargo . .

But wotthehell . . It was just taxpayers money . .

Now that you're happy because of the above, here's the bad news . . .

The building's estimated (and mortgaged) cost was to be $55 Million, but as of Friday it was already $3 Million over budget and they don't even have 50% of the Glass Curtain Walls installed or the structure "Closed In" . . .

04-07-2013, 04:54 PM

04-08-2013, 02:53 PM

Apparently the last bunch of Commissioners (Chostner, Nunez, Cordova) weren't smart enough to ask some questions about the financing of the Maes Memorial Juducial Center. When Wells Fargo said the total payout would be $185 million, the then County commissioners just bought in and tried to spin it . . The new guys, all Professional Politicians with a nose for skeletons, gave the mortgage a hard looking at and declared both the banlk and the old guys WRONG!. The bank's payment schedule was just a little off . . $70 million to be close . . They were asking for $185 million and the agreement that the dummies had signed was $115 million, I think . . Kinda like the city when numbers are getting thrown around, you never know which set is right . .

Nonetheless . . One can readily see how the Politicians look after the public's money . . or care about it . . When Chostner was a Commissioner, the County didn't have spare change, but now that he's the DA, he needs $30k for "Security" . . Welcome to reality, chunky boy, buy the staff some Kevlar vests and keep an eye on yer behind . . .