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10-14-2012, 10:43 AM
There will be a Test n' Tune at the Dragstrip @ PMP on October 27, Gates open 0700 and last pass @ 1600 (4:00 PM). As this is a track rental and as we're renting for a Finite Time there will be a 25 Car minimum and a 50 car max. First 25 Entries must be in and paid for by Friday night, Oct 19 or the event is a bust. It's all money up front or no go. Entries = $80 per car by paypal to doug_elmers@comcast.net (As Gift not payment)

There's more information posted on both http://www.coloradodragracing.com/showthread.php?p=31292#post31292 and http://www.coloradohpjunkies.com/forums/showthread.php?3622-PMP-Test-N-Tune-10-27-or-28 and http://forums.coloradoracing.net/index.php?/topic/132798-pmp-test-n-tune-10-27-or-28/page__st__20

Note this:

We must have MONEY IN HAND for 25 entries by Midnight Friday, Oct 19 to establish the event.

Decision Day and notification will be posted in this forum, on this thread, Saturday, Oct. 20 @ 0830. At that time we'll announce either a GO or NO GO. If it's a failed event, your money will be refunded. No penalties. It will be posted on the Forums in the threads relating to this, (Links above) at the same time.

Entries from #26 to 50 may be after the Oct. 19 date up to Thursday, Oct. 25. A cut off date is established out of courtesy to those who might try to drive to Pueblo and find that the Maximum has been met. No disappointments for you guys . .

As it was posted previously, NHRA Tech rules will be in force, and PMP procedures will be followed, with one exception. A car may have more than one driver if he/she is properly credentialed for the speed and ET with no extra cost. Thus, one car, whatever number of drivers, no extra entry. This is a Test N' Tune, not a points meet.

And again. Please, no "IEDs". Rev Limiters and Diapers on your High HP cars. Let's not spend the day cleaning up and maintaining the track surface. Harry and Dave will have enough to do. We're gonna try to do this with a minimum of staff out there. And most of them Volunteered. 30 cars will help pay them for coming out . . And make 'em want to do it again. (I hope)

On "Racing" . . Potential jackpot for Box and No Box if it's a general consensus. If there's a full Max, (50 Cars) the excess (over 30 cars or 20 entries $) will either be refunded or put up as additional winner money for both classes . .

Questions? Post 'em . . We'll try to have the answers ASAP.