View Full Version : City / County Government issues and resolutions

10-11-2012, 07:55 AM
This new forum is dedicated to city and county issues.

Discussions pertaining to City Council, City Transportation, Pueblo Police, etc - will all go to the City board.
Discussions pertaining to County Commissioners, Pueblo Sheriff, the Coronor - etc - will all go in the County board.
Discussions pertaining to the combination of the two will go directly in the City/County board.

I was asked earlier to combine all City threads into one - and I can do that - but it might make the entire discussions confusing - so some of them will have to be kept separate anyway.

Part of the reason why I'm doing it this way is that city and county officials have been known to read these forums. It gives them a good idea of what some of the consensus of how the people see the issues, and what their thoughts are. Keeping some topics separate should enable them to bookmark them easier when they need to come back later to pinpoint a particular subject.

And the same goes for users - it sure beats the heck out of poring through pages of posts to get to one particular topic.

We'll keep "general discussion" threads in each of these, though, because sometimes it is easier to just put things in a general topic. So play these by ear, so to speak - it may take a few days to get these just right so they're user friendly, so have patience with me. :) thanks!