View Full Version : Pueblo City Schools et. al.

Loren Swelk
05-25-2012, 08:40 PM
It is a shame that the District administration changed the criteria for the "Lamp of Knowledge" in order to assure that Central, (therefore the success of GPS) would be recognized. Nothing in the article alludes to the change in criteria, in fact it states the old rating system. Maybe this is something about which the Chieftain should inquire?

08-22-2013, 06:54 AM
And now . . . Who'd a Thunk it? The Teacher's Unions of both Dist 60 and 70 are "behind" the new Tax measure . . Masthead Headline in the Paper today: School unions want taxes with the sub line of "They soon will be asking for the voters' support" . .

Well, of course they will!

But then, just below the fold on the same paper . . . "ACT: Third of high school grads not college ready" and then goes on to tell us of the continued failing grades and inabilities our high school graduates are showing us.

This follows last week's admissions that fully 45% of the students from second grade up were failing in either reading, math, comprehension or all three . .

Thus, if the Unions are "For more money" it's probably going to end up in the union member's pockets, and won't do a d@mned thing for the students.

This, once again is "Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome" . . We are just throwing more money at a problem that hasn't been shown to have a solution using that methodology. Every year, testing shows us dismal results, and evey year those in charge of our children's educations tell us the same things. "We've got new books coming and we need more money" . . The books haven't seemed to work and neither has the money, apparently.

I can say, after 50 plus years of observation, the results aren't getting any better, so hard cash probably isn't the solution.