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12-06-2011, 12:00 PM
Here ya go . . .

My first rant might be the CDBG Money going to fund Handicapped Curb cuts on corners that NO ONE USES!

What is it, about $400,000 a year the city gets from Sam (our Unk'l) to put those slick curb cuts at every corner in the city . . for Wheel Chair Bound Pedestrians . .

Not that I'm down on the handicapped, but they don't use 'em . . Technology has passed the government by . . In my neighborhood, there's three Handicapped ladies who have "Wheel Chairs" . . only, they aren't "Wheel Chairs', they're motorized "Scooters" or chairs and they use the street, not the sidewalks . .

As far as I can tell, the only people using the expensive curb cuts are skateboarders, and at $400k per year in our town alone, that's too much money for the ease of Skateboarders! We've already built them a park(s) and now . . curbcuts . . .

12-06-2011, 01:04 PM
The other thing is that first - they shouldn't be using those scooters in the street, they are far safer on the sidewalks, BUT the sidewalks are either not very smooth (making it impossible to ride their chair along it) OR there are cars constantly parked over the sidewalks and often there's no way to get around them.

So that's probably why many of the handicapped don't use those corners - they can't get to them to use them! And riding in the street is so very dangerous!

And then - to mention the second thing - there are neighborhoods like mine - where there may or may not be a sidewalk at all. I have no sidewalk in front of my house, but they have one across the street - that stops abruptly a few doors down in either direction. Suddenly there's no more sidewalk.

My neighbors across the street from me (as an example - they aren't the only ones who do this) use the sidewalk in front of their house for a road - they pull into the other neighbor's driveway then drive on the sidewalk to their own yard and park on the sidewalk in front of their house.

Shouldn't that kind of thing be illegal? I live near a hospital, people are always walking up and down the street on their way to that hospital - and cars come flying down the road like they're on the freeway. It's amazing no one has gotten hurt - thank God for guardian angels! I imagine if there were sidewalks, the people walking to the hospital would be using those instead of the street - provided that people weren't parking on them or driving down them.

12-06-2011, 01:49 PM
The sidewalk issue is a non-argument . . The same CDBG funds that are being used to facilitate the construction of "Wheel Chair Ramps" can (and are) used to repair cracked, broken, or heaved sidewalk, if it's already there . . If it isn't that's between the property owner and the City . .

As for using these Motorized Scooters on the sidewalks, not so much. They can go as fast as 15-18 mph . . far too fast to be being used on pedestrian walkways . .

One of the ladies who uses a scooter (actually a four wheeled powered chair) uses the sidewalk to get to the closest curb cut, a driveway next door . . and I believe that these motorized chairs should be in the street. Their operators are safer and so are the pedestrians . . As for high traffic areas, watching out for them aren't any different than watching for Bicyclists and crossing pedestrians . . And I've seen several in the downtown areas, on the streets . .

Basically, I tend to believe that it's technology passing the Government up, and the government failing to recognize it . . Or . . the buying of more votes . .

Incidentally, if your sidewalk is unnavagible, broken etc., just call the city's public works department and advise them of the problem . . Generally, they'll send a crew from the nearest crew working on the corners and repair the walk . . Or anyway, they used to . .