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Loren Swelk
01-08-2010, 10:16 AM
What did the constituents think in filling every county elected position with Democrats? The proposed Judicial Complex is getting closer to the "Cordova Memorial Parking Lot" than even I imagined. Curly, Larry and Moe were slow to see the upcoming recession (I guess guess they were either slumlording, bartending or something) and now they are going to borrow the county out of a financial crisis. Oh good idea. Chostner's political future may have looked bright, but it may be fading fast in this mess.


01-08-2010, 10:21 AM
Another case of Democratic spending when there is doubt about regaining the revenue . . or in the least, Not being able to add or subtract . .

Once more . . "When, in history, has anyone spent (or borrowed) themselves out of Bankruptcy?"

01-09-2010, 09:59 AM
And now . . Commissioner Jeff Chostner handed out a news release telling us that he, again, is running for County Commissioner . .

And he gave an explanation about the county's indebtiness and it's borrowing to make ends meet that would only wash with his Mathematically challenged Co-Commissioners . .

Unfortunately, no one is running against him . . or the Pueblo County Democratic Party as case may be . .

When will the Public realize that anyone running on a "I'll get you Benefits and Jobs" Platform is just showing up on the job with a shovel and will spend our way into a deeper and deeper hole . . ?

He's an INCUMBENT, elect anyone else but him! Any other reason is secondary!

01-15-2010, 08:08 AM
It would seem that the decision to save County (and State) money by furloughing the employees is less of a money saver than they are a "Punishment' to the taxpayers for denying them a total pass on TABOR and any other spending disclipine they seem to want to avert.

Instead of scheduling each employee a particular day off per month, they shut down the whole County (State) operation for one day a month . . and in the case of this month's closing, they shut down on Friday . . and then are closed on Monday because it's a "Bureaucratic Holiday" (MLK Day) . . I'm betting, they are paid for that holiday . . Hmmm?

It would seem that the County Commissioners and their department Heads cannot walk and chew gum at the same time . . What the hell do they do when an employee calls off for a day, sick or personal time? Shut down the whole department? Because that's the impression I get . .

Or am I totally out of line and those poor people cannot function unless their departments are completely and fully staffed every day?

Loren Swelk
01-19-2011, 10:50 AM
Here we go again, Cordova ascends to the throne and in his first action summarily fires the Dir. of Public Works. This is not going to sit well in the community.

Here is a link to the article in today's Chieftain. (http://www.chieftain.com/news/local/article_84d0176c-2395-11e0-8974-001cc4c002e0.html)

01-19-2011, 11:40 AM
And, according to a couple of recently retired county employees (in conversation just this morning), morale among the county employees has just sunk to a new low . .

Honestly, while we cannot or shouldn't blame the pig eyed basterd for the firing of Severance, my bet is that he played a major part in it prior to the elections and waited until now to drop the rock . .

One only can ask, "Where's the transparency?"

But then I digress, because there hasn't been any Transparency up to now, why should they start now . . ?

01-19-2011, 01:13 PM
Same old same old BS. Nothing ever changes there is no job sercurity in the county or the city get a few years make a few enemies get replaced with a friend or family member. been going on for years.

01-19-2011, 05:35 PM
In management there is less job security the higher you go up the ladder.

Dirty Sox
01-19-2011, 07:12 PM
Mr. Severance originally was in charge of 5 departments. Sometime during the last few years, the 3 Stooges have taken 2 of those departments and created 2 new director positions. When the dust settles from this current fiasco, doubt if the math will show any savings, just bureaucracy buddy money shuffle. The recent re-election of Chostner appears to indicate a green light for these 3 to continue as they please.

04-22-2011, 10:13 AM
Yee Haaaaa! We (the County) discovered we had loose change in some old pants!

Let's go spend it!

The Three Stooges are at it again . . They found that somewhere, projected into their revenues was some new TAXES left unspent. It appears that the County math whizzes have told the County Commissioners that with the new Comanche Boiler/Turbine and the three (or wuzzat 4?) new Black Heart Power generators, will bring in new revenue.

So, according to today's Chieftain, they are bringing the Judge Dennis Maes Judicial Center back to life . . After all, what better thing to do than to build a monument to a living Judge right next to the John P. Cordova Memorial Parking Lot which, I would guess is a memorial to a living County Commissioner.

Now we have gone through about two years of hard times, (and are probably looking at two more) where the county cut back, furloughed employees and all the responsible things you do when you have no money, and not a lot of hope of getting much more. And, according to the fact that Pueblo County still has 11.6% (Pueblo Chieftain) unemployment and the county revenue projections haven't changed much, one of the things when a windfall is anticipated, would be to put a percentage of it away. A Rainy Day fund y'might say. And some of the rest could be spent fixing the roads and bridges that haven't been maintained because of lack of money, you'd think. And repairing the County Fleet. Maybe a little on the old buildings that tend to need maintenance more when neglected for any period of time . .

Instead, Larry, Curly and Moe are gonna buy a new high maintenance "Green" $70 million dollar Cadillac! And put their names on the cornerstone.

Remember this, they don't have the cash in hand, and many things can befall us, perhaps needing money far worse. Is it necessary for our elected leaders to spend ever single dime that they take in, and always look for more?

Loren Swelk
04-22-2011, 01:51 PM
Yee Haaaaa! We (the County) discovered we had loose change in some old pants!

More like loose bowels in old pants. Cordova and Nunez are unelectable and Chostner is term limited, so what do they got to lose? 70M for your name on a plaque is pretty steep.

04-22-2011, 01:55 PM
70M for your name on a plaque is pretty steep.

Especially if it isn't Your Money! . . .

04-23-2011, 02:44 PM
And in this morning's paper, if you neither get it or didn't read it . . .

New judicial center irks some county workers
$50 million building, past furloughs unrelated, commissioners say.

Posted: Saturday, April 23, 2011 12:00 am
By PETER ROPER | proper@chieftain.com

News that Pueblo County commissioners intend to start building a $50 million judicial building this year stung some of the county employees who were required to take a day of unpaid leave every month last year to cut county spending.

A list of 20 employees sent an e-mail to The Pueblo Chieftain on Friday protesting that the 1,100 county employees had not received a cost-of-living raise in three years and had been forced to take 11 furlough days last year.

Saying employee morale was at a "very low point," the letter said, "We had the understanding that furloughs were put into place in 2010 in order to allow the county to operate, not create a fund to build a new judicial building."

The commissioners announced Thursday that they were reviving the judicial building project after more than a year's postponement. They said future property tax revenues from the Xcel Energy Comanche 3 plant and a new Black Hills Energy power plant will pay the cost of the $50 million, tax-exempt financing plan.

Commission Chairman John Cordova said he expected to hear so complaints from employees because of the freeze on pay increases and the furloughs.

"I know they haven't had a cost-of-living increase and we're certainly going to look at that," Cordova said Friday. "But this project won't cost them anything. It will be paid for by the increase in property tax revenues we're expecting."

The commissioners also argued that the recession has brought construction costs so low that the judicial building is more affordable now.

Commissioners canceled the mandatory furlough program beginning this year. Still, the judicial building announcement caught employees by surprise, said one worker, who asked not to be identified by name, but signed the e-mail.

"The furloughs last year essentially translated into losing $1 an hour in pay for me," the worker said. "It's disheartening to have your salary cut for a year to save the county money and then come in and see a newspaper report that we can now afford a $50 million building. Why aren't the commissioners taking care of their employees first?"

Sounds like a revolt in the making . .

Dirty Sox
04-26-2011, 11:54 AM
People need to understand that stupidity & arrogance are real and should be taken seriously. There is still no known cure for either but yet the same individuals or the same type keep getting elected & re-elected.

04-26-2011, 03:45 PM
Well, up to this year, I'd guess that 99.9% of the County Employees voted for them, and in Cordova's case, another 10 to 12 % of Roselawn Cemetery did also . .

05-10-2011, 05:16 AM
According to today's Chieftain, the Three Stooges are going to start the Judge Dennis Maes Memorial Judicial Center and Court House about Labor Day of this year. And they're only going to spend $50 million (so they say) What did they cut out of the project that took it down from $70 million?

Or did the value of the building go down just like our property valuations?

Which brings us to another point. IF . . The property valuations goes down, so does the county's revenues, Hmmmm? Did those Math whizzes consider that before they stuck their necks out?

Are they, quite like the City, going to continue to allow the streets and roads to look like a US Air Force "Cratering Experiment"? and spend needed maintenance money on a cornerstone with their names on it?

Loren Swelk
05-10-2011, 10:34 AM
According to today's Chieftain, the Three Stooges are going to start the Judge Dennis Maes Memorial Judicial Center and Court House about Labor Day of this year. And they're only going to spend $50 million (so they say) What did they cut out of the project that took it down from $70 million?

It is 50 million when they break ground, 60 half way through and 75 million before it is finished and still not 1/3 of the parking spaces needed as defined by current city code. In fact there are not even enough planned parking spaces for the disgruntled emoloyees to park let alone the gruntled employees and general public.

05-10-2011, 11:48 AM
Why are they Nameing this After Dennis Maes? There has been better lawers and Judges I respect Judge Mayes but I would rather forget him. Ha d him for a lawer one time He wanted me to take the fifth and I did not and he quit right in the middle of court. didnt get a refund ither. Judge Sevey was twice the judge. How high is the unemployment in Pueblo? What is this going to cost the homeowner? How high is the youth crime? How much is it going to cost to run this new building? Guess they will run bus service for the employees and the Lawers and so on. Seems to me that with all of the problems facing our nation and every state being broke. The county needs to save the people some much needed money.

05-10-2011, 01:03 PM
Gotcha, Buster . . The Judge Dennis Maes memorial Judicial Building is a joke, just as is the John P. Cordova Memorial Parking Lot or at least the part that used to be under the old Mountain Ice and Coal Building . . is a joke . .

On the parking lot, we're not too sure which is the joke, Cordova or the parking lot . . .

05-10-2011, 06:00 PM
Parking lots are needed for all the government employees that create all the wealth we're enjoying.

05-11-2011, 07:16 AM
Point being, really, is the fact that were the posters on this forum to get together and buy a block of real estate, tear down what was on it and plan to build an edifice as big and employing as many people, for whatever purpose other than a Grade School, we'd be shut down immediately by the City-County regional Building Inspector for not complying with code. You cannot even plan a building without providing a specific number of parking places based upon the type and square footage of a building.

At least you and I can't . . . Apparently the Government is above us, which they actually proved when they built the Judicial building at 10th and Grand. Obviously they learned nothing when they did that. Because you can't find parking there within two blocks on a busy day.

Of course, the above isn't considering the fact that we (the citizens) cannot afford such a monument to Posterity, no matter how earnest the County Commissioners seem to think they are. Cordova was on the TV news the other night explaining where the revenue to build it was going to come from . . Taxes they hope they'll collect in the future . . OK, but that's betting on the horse with a limp, based on the current economy and where it'll probably go, rather than where they'd like it to go . .

05-11-2011, 12:59 PM
Bet you they will start buying up the property all around this new building, and force a few of the business owners to move.

05-12-2011, 07:00 AM
The paper's article said the City Council told the County that "Parking wouldn't be a problem" . . .

I'm going to assume that they meant the occupants of the new Judicial Building, and not the surrounding Property Owners, or the taxpayers who'll have to pay for the purchase of the King Lumber Block in all probability. And the block North of that . .

Loren Swelk
05-12-2011, 08:13 AM
The paper's article said the City Council told the County that "Parking wouldn't be a problem" . . .

Of course it won't be a problem for the employees, only for the taxpayers attempting to use the facility. Also the article alluded to building another city owned parking facility to be used for non public use as the other two boondoggle parking facilities are.

05-12-2011, 12:01 PM
LOL! It's good to be a government employee.

You can print all the "Reserved For Courthouse Employees" signs you want!

You can jaywalk whenever you want and run out into the streets into traffic and expect cars to lock up their brakes since you're so special.

07-15-2011, 02:47 PM
In this morning's paper, on page 5A, was a two column plus photo of our newest Candidate for County Commissioner . . one Epimenio "Eppie" Griego.

He said he wanted to be the "First one out there campaigning for the job!" . .

Notably, "Eppie" is a hard worker for the Pueblo County Democratic Party and enjoyed the company of both Sheriff Kirk Taylor and Abel Tapia at his announcement . .

When asked about his employment, Greigo said that he and his wife have been "Foster Parents" for nearly 20 years . .

Wouldn't you think being elected a County Commissioner with that sort of Vocation be viewed as a Conflict of Interest?

Loren Swelk
07-15-2011, 03:20 PM
Wouldn't you think being elected a County Commissioner with that sort of Vocation be viewed as a Conflict of Interest?

Why? Just four more years living off of the government teat. If this is the best the Dems can do then finally maybe some fiscal common sense can be brought to the Commissioners chamber.

07-15-2011, 04:03 PM
Dunno . . I noted some very restless stirrings in Roselawn when I drove by there this afternoon . . .

07-18-2011, 08:27 AM
About those "Stirrings" . . It may just be gophers . .

But then, again, maybe not . . .

05-13-2013, 06:57 AM
And now . . It's finally been revealed . . According to the Pueblo Chieftain's "Special Series" on the county's buildings and funding . .

None of the three, Chostner, Nunez or Cordova, had a clue. Not about Money or much of anything else. During their tenure, they were, for the most part, incompetent.

They just spent money, whether they had it or not, never checked , apparently, and if somebody told them they were broke, they never checked, just went and borrowed more . .

John Cordova, the only one that's talking, has said as much. Chostner has "No Comment" and Nunez won't answer his telephone . .

And of course, the "New Commissioners" have a couple hundred Million dollars of debt as an excuse for whatever they want to do, or not do . .

A note to any taxpayer who's reading this . . All of the spending was done after the now retired County Commission asked for, and was given a "Time Out From TABOR" so they didn't have to account for their raise in spending or the tax obligations it created for Pueblo County.

Scrood again . . !

12-04-2013, 07:03 AM
Asleep at the switch . . The whole D@mned bunch, or in this case, both bunches . . The old County Commission, and now, the new one . .

Lessee, the new ones (Pace, Hart, McFayden) have had almost a year to come to the realization that all the new digs they have been proudly attending ribbon cutting ceremonies at are going to cost more to operate because they have to fill them with people, and heat and cool them . .

So this week's panic is that . . "They Have No Money!" . . And now are complaining that the Judge Dennis E Maes Memorial Judicial Building/Monument is costing more than they were prepared to pay . . And they're going to have to stall the opening for perhaps a year . .

Are they waiting for a rich uncle to die?

Hope so, because whatever they have to pay for this year will certainly cost more next year! Time to figure out what they don't want and pay for just what they need . . Another case of "Want or Need" . . .

Or talk the Pueblo County Taxpayer into giving them more revenue in the near future. Just be honest and transparent this time!

01-08-2014, 01:15 PM
Now it's getting to the "Begging" point . . The County Commissioners, at least two of them (No WideButt Buffy here), are now literally pleading with the elected County Officials to cut money out of their budgets . . With absolutely no support, whatsoever!

Them Democrats stick together pretty good at election time but when it comes to departmental budgets, it's every man for himself!