View Full Version : Importance Of Accuracy

01-01-2006, 02:36 PM
While I understand the time constraints that come with the territory of an online newspaper I also am aware that it is at least equally important that the articles, columns and photos and especially obituaries, are checked for correctness prior to them being finalized for dissemination. Take the "Notable local deaths" story in the Jan. 1, 2006 edition. I am highly skeptical that Frank Pryor's grandfather founded his furniture store in 188. I also know for a fact that Steve Comi was much more well known for his work with the Pueblo Municipal Band than the Pueblo Municipal Bank. These notes about those of our friends, neighbors and loved ones who have passed after making their marks in and around Pueblo have a significantly greater importance because for the most part, the year end story is usually the last time that they will be mentioned in the Chieftain. Just a little more care in checking for accuracy will go a long way, particularly when it pertains to someone's last hurrah. When it comes to thier last, please give it your best.