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Zen Curmudgeon
10-20-2005, 07:48 PM
The President's latest nominee for the Supreme Court seems to have drawn the ire and fire of a surprising spectrum of the usually rock-solid conservative establishment.

The nomination seems to have floundered even within the White House. Byron York, White House correspondant for the very conservative National Review posted this on the magazine's Web site.


October 20, 2005, 4:13 p.m.

The Miers Support Team: Gloomy and Demoralized

Byron York, National Review

Strategists working with the White House in support of the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers are becoming increasingly demoralized and pessimistic about the nomination's prospects on Capitol Hill in the wake of Miers's meetings with several Republican and Democratic senators. On a conference call held this morning, they even discussed whether Miers should simply stop visiting with lawmakers, lest any further damage be done and so that time spent in such get-acquainted sessions will not cut into Miers's intensive preparation for her confirmation hearing.

..."It's been a gradual descent into almost silence," says a second source of the calls. "The meetings with the senators are going terribly. On a scale of one to 100, they are in negative territory. The thought now is that they have to end....Obviously the smart thing to do would be to withdraw the nomination and have a do-over as soon as possible. But the White House is so irrational that who knows? As of this morning, there is a sort of pig-headed resolve to press forward, cancel the meetings with senators if necessary, and bone up for the hearings."

"the White House is so irrational"? Who'da thought it, especially after the graceful approval process just completed by Chief Justice Roberts. And I note there's been no talk in the Senate of "filibusters" or "nuclear options". Has the Bush Administration spent all its political capital? Has the Avian Flu, in the form of the "lame duck" disease, infected President Bush only a year into his second term?

Take Care -


10-21-2005, 07:30 AM
Dunno about her qualifications . . seems to be pretty much a "Laid Back Corporate Lawyer" . . Not much of an activist, which is good . . Corporate lawyer? Not sure . .

One thing's for sure . . . The Senators, 90% anyway, seem to think she is withholding information . . probably information that doesn't exist, I'd bet . . . But it gives them nothing to strut and preen in front of cameras about . . not much of anything to pick away at her in the upcoming hearings . . nor anything that Kennedy or Biden can grandstand about . . .

That being said, I do enjoy the fits the right are having trying to make her fit their "Mold" . . She doesn't!

And, of course, the Media . . . . Absolutely NOTHING . . that's gotta be frustrating!

We're dealing with "Sally Clean Sheets" here . . . . Heh, heh . . . .

Zen Curmudgeon
10-23-2005, 07:31 PM
While there are some who wish Ms. Miers' nomination would be withdrawn, it looks as though she'll face the Senate Judiciary Committee in November. Republican Senator Specter seems pretty interested in anything the White House, Karl Rove in particular, may have shared with evangelical christians prior to the announcement of her nomination to the SCOTUS. (Idle question: if Karl calls Colorado from DC on his cell phone, does he incur "Roving" charges?) Tomorrow's Washington Post describes Sen Specter's comments on CBS this morning. It features our Friend to the North, James Dobson.


Dobson is among several evangelical leaders enlisted by the White House to vouch for Miers's conservative credentials among right-leaning groups unhappy with her nomination. He spoke with Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove shortly before President Bush announced the nomination, and later hinted he had received privileged information. "When you know some of the things that I know -- that I probably shouldn't know -- you will understand why I have said, with fear and trepidation, that Harriet Miers will be a good justice," Dobson said told his national radio audience Oct. 5.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) said yesterday that his panel is likely to require Dobson and perhaps others to testify about such purported conversations. Asked on CBS's "Face the Nation" whether the committee will "bring some of these people who said they were told things that perhaps they shouldn't have been told, like Mr. Dobson," Specter replied: "my instinct is that they'll be called. And the American people are entitled to clarification."

The hearings are shaping up to be the most interesting since Clarence Thomas.

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10-27-2005, 07:50 AM
You have to wonder . . what the Hell are the Politicos thinking . . .

Dubya isn't a Neo-Con, nor is he a Lefty . . he's a "Moderate", always has been, always will be . . John Roberts was about as far right as Bush is gonna go, and Harriet Miers is about as far left . . .

The Bible thumpers and the "Wingers" both left and right, are never going to be pleased with anybody Dubya nominates . . . I, personally, believe we should have the right to scruitinize each Senator as closely as we do a Presidential Nominee, either Republican or Democrat . . We don't . . we allow the public to elect 'em, heh, heh . . . .

But back on topic, I suppose we can see O'Connor's position filled by mid '07, Hmmmm?