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09-07-2005, 10:31 AM
As of the official tally in Wednesday's Chieftain, this years Colorado State Fair attendance numbers outshined the attendance numbers for the same 11-day period. Granted, last year the fair had another number of days left in which people could attend, which may have artificially elevated this years final day(s) totals, but regardless, a 17% increase from 2004. The State Fair general manager Chris Wiseman attributes this to the decreased length of the Fair this year. I am not convinced. I was fortunate enough to attend the fair a couple of times this year and did not notice a remarkable difference from Fairs of years past. It did, however, seem like the number of vendors had increased from last year but I have not been able to find any data to support that statement. Speaking as a citizen of Colorado, I feel like the Fair is missing something that would really boost attendance, but I do not know what that "something" is.

09-07-2005, 02:54 PM
It is Pueblo's reputation or perception by others, if you will . . . PPG chose to use the paint labs at PCC for their Zone Classes . . once it was announced that Pueblo would be the place, registration dropped to the point that there weren't enough people to fund the instructors . . you have to understand that 80% of the potential students come from the Denver Metro Area . . .

If they won't come here for Education, you can readily understand why they wouldn't want to come for Fun!

09-07-2005, 09:14 PM
I guess I don't understand and would like you to be more specific when you speak of Pueblo's reputation and/or perception. I'm interested...

09-08-2005, 07:05 AM
Well, I dunno . . it's just one of those things . . if you travel the state you hear "Opinions' and preceptions expressed . . take Grand Junction . . In the early '90's I lived over there for a few years . . and very few people over there had many nice things to say about Pueblo . . as a matter of fact, the two TV stations wouldn't even give the weather of temps in Pueblo on the news . . why? the South High Girls Basketball Team had cleaned Junction's clock for the state championship three times in three years . . Junction is all about sports!

Up North, it's something else, another deal . . really don't know what, why, or where . . . there seems to be a feeling by our Northern neighbors that Pueblo isn't quite as hip, or maybe even backwards . . Smelly, some say . . and of course our "Elitist" neighbors directly to the North, th' Springs . . whose "Please Flush, Pueblo needs the Water", local joke, y'kno . . once in a while someone from up North will refer to pueblo as the "town fulla Mexicans" . . or other comments similar to that point . . or "Our poor Cousin down South" . . . perception again, I guess . .

And while almost all of the cities in Colorado have either more or at least equal the number of crimes, I hear comment about the "High Crime Rate" in Pueblo . . unsubstuated, but that doesn't matter . . who the Hell wants to deal with facts when misconceptions can be so much more fun!