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09-13-2007, 10:27 AM
There's been a significant problem with some imported products from Mainland China, and a lot of fuss about what to do . .

Last summer, there was a bigger fuss about E Coli in Leaf Spinach and other leafy greens grown in California, mainly the lower Salinas Valley . . again, with a fuss about who was "Inspecting" and keeping us, the consumer, "Safe" . .

Most of the more liberal people seem to believe that the "Government" should be responsible, because they aren't "Inspecting" toys, dog food, and our food supply in general adequately . . And apparently those who contract the manufacture, production or import of those foods and items are only held responsible when caught, if at all. In the case of the Spinach, no one suffered except those who died (2) or all those who got ill, and of course, the producers who suffered losses in the millions . . and up to that point, the only inspection of any kind came from several inspectors from Ag that are spread so thin that only the packing production facilities receive any sort of inspection and that's only about every three years . . Growers have no apparent responsibility.

The same seems to be the case for Imported "anythings" . . Mattel says it's a "China" problem . . So did the retailers for the tainted Dog food, etc . .

In short, A Building Contractor has always been held responsible for any transgressions or quality control problems created by their "Sub-Contractors" . . Not so much any more, because there are fewer Contractors and more "Construction Management' Companies, but we might discuss that another time . . And in as much as it's relatively difficult to make any sub-contractor liable for anything, no matter their location or country, perhaps our legislators might tune up the product liability laws that are on the books, and make the Mattels, the Petcos, and the Big O Tire (just to name a few) companies a little more responsible than they currently are . .

They are the ones who design, write the specs and/or demand a specific product from offshore makers, and the Companies retailing Foodstuffs usually contract for the manufacture and packing of any product . . it's not like they went to the store for Milk and came home with a pizza too . . The Chinese or indonesians don't unload TVs, Tuna Sandwiches, and Hot Wheels sets on a dock and wait for somebody to come along and buy them . .

The American Corporations contracted production and import . . it should be up to them to provide quality and responsibility. Sure, that may cost them more, but, in the end, quite like the Spinach processors in Castroville, CA, they may find out it's millions cheaper than killing a couple (or more) of people in the USA . .

Again, while we cannot assure product quality and liability from most out of country manufacturers, those US companies who import and market it should be held to a legal standard by providing their own inspections and guaranteeing the quality and safety . . And any Foreign Company doing business on these shores should be held to the same standards. That's not the case currently . .