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09-05-2007, 12:49 AM
"Official: Craig may not resign
Sen. Larry Craig is reconsidering his decision to resign after his arrest in a Minnesota airport sex sting and may still fight for his Senate seat, his spokesman said Tuesday evening."

Unbelievable, amazing, people actually vote for you! They won't anymore. It's one thing to stand for what you believe in, it's quite another to lie and deceive people that you are someone you are not. Tapping your foot and touching the foot of the person next to you in a restroom toilet stall is not a common or an acceptable means of behavior, nor is putting your left hand with wedding ring apparent and palm up, thumb forward motion a couple of times forward and backward an innocent way of picking up a piece of toilet paper that drifted onto the floor. Who would do that anyway? Who cares if you are gay anyway. I guess the voters in your constituency care, possibly your wife cares, but I don't, except that if you are, your stance is to condemn and attempt to uphold laws to discriminate against your own behavior and your fellow brethren. I think your arresting officer had much wisdom in describing you.

09-06-2007, 07:45 AM
Well now, based upon all the information that's been made public, this is an absolute indictment . . nothing like a public lynching. Not to mention, when his "Indescretion", if there was one, is put alongside the "Indescretions" of Most of his peers, he isn't guilty of much, even if he was running around the men's room, waving his pecker at the other men . . not when compared to taking money from Felons and Fugitives, and a myriad of other "Ethics" violations that some of the rest of Congress is guilty (or under investigation by different agencies) of . .

I think your "outrage" is mis-directed . . Save it for those who took money from Jack Abramhoff, Hsu, Lay and Skilling, just to mention a few, and never gave it back or admitted guilt. Or even wondered how it was made. Save it for the others besides Jefferson (who's still apparently a member of the House) who also have thousands of dollars in their freezers and other handy hiding places, and haven't gotten caught yet . . save it for the Congressmen who get rich by buying stock in companies affected by their decisions made in committee (Insider trading, at it's worst), bought and sold on the margin, in a span of the time that the decisions are made and the time they are announced . . just a few of the things that ought to outrage you, but apparently don't . .

There's a list of 63 Congressmen, Republican and Democrat, mostly those who chair (or chaired) committees, who took money from Jack Abramhoff. And the investigation netted TWO of 'em . . What of the rest . . ? And both the DNC and RNC, who both took a million bucks from ole Jack . . did they give it back? Did Kerry or Bush insist that this was "Tainted" money? not a chance . . And there's ton's of proof that this has taken place . . .

Now that pi$$es me off far more than some half queer dude trying to get (or give) a BJ in an airport john . . and is stupid enough to get caught. If that's what he was doing . . we really don't know that though, do we?