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09-01-2007, 09:43 AM
Heh, heh . . further into the Pueblo County Democratic Party's manipulations . . apparently the fact that over 2/3'ds of Pueblo County's Population blindly votes for the party and not the man isn't good enough . . They seek to rig it further . .

Loretta Kennedy, as a County Commissioner, is "Term Limited" . . and as such, cannot run again in '08 . . and has announced that she, regretfully, has decided to take a position in John Salazar's regional staff vacated by Sal Pace . . a year or so before her term expires . .

Dorothy Butcher, currently one of Pueblo County's better State Representatives is also "Term Limited" and has expressed a desire to run in '08 for Loretta's office on the Commission. And because Loretta's leaving early, so must she, again regrettably, but the need to serve is there so she will seek "Appointment" to loretta's vacant seat.

Sal Pace, who is a member of John Salazar's regional staff, and also a member of the State Democratic committee who appoints replacements to vacated seats, has resigned his staff position to run for Dorothy Butcher's seat. He has also resigned from his position on the selection committee. (But his wife retains her seat) and . . just happens to be handy to fill Dorothy's Vacant Seat in the State House . . the one he's announced he'll run for in '08 . .

In each case, there is a little less than a year and a half to hold the seat . . as an "Appointee" . .

But, also in each case the "Appointee" although "Term limits" don't apply to an "Appointee", becomes, in essence, "The Incumbent" who, even if they have to contest in a primary, literally, are guaranteed their seat . .

Unless of course they Shoot themselves in the foot, by Mouth, much like Vera Ortegon has done in the course of occupying an "Appointed" seat on Pueblo's City Council. Which, may, or may not affect her chances in the upcoming election. She has two challengers . . and the City Council process is "Non Partisan" . . yeah, you betcha! . . anyhoo, if . . the "Incumbent' doesn't shoot themselves in the foot some how, a challenger has a very steep climb to muster even a close vote . . and history shows us that . . and the Pueblo County "Vote for 'em if they're Democrats, Vote for 'em twice if they're tan, will win once again . .

Not that I care that much, but it bothers me that they are making it so transparent. Getting screwed isn't that bad . . but publicly? Well now, that's different!

User No Longer With Us
09-01-2007, 11:07 PM
ooooooooo musical political chairs! Is that "Pop! Goes the weasel" I hear playing in the background? And what makes Sal Pace so sure he's going to win the election for the musical seat he's running for, anyway? Isn't quitting his job to do that a little presumptuous on his side? I know he can't run for that seat and hold his current seat, but what the heck is wrong with him keeping his current position and being satisfied with that -- other than the fact that he's a politician so it's impossible, that is.

09-02-2007, 09:43 AM
Wellll, lessee . . Chuck Rodosevich (I think I got that right), former Pueblo County Democratic Chairman also desires the position and has announced his intent to run in the primary . . however, he has a large, and vociferous weight around his neck . . namely his wife, the School Board Prima Donna who was "Recalled" a couple of years ago . . and Ole Chuck was implicated in sending out e-mails and other "out of bounds" practices during that particular time . . in an effort to support his wife and her seat on the board . . Not a happy time for either . .

Sooo, there's skeletons . . And the big time Dems apparently don't like those skeletons . . hence, Sal Pace . . He comes to you directly from the big time Democrats . . The Salazars and the state organization . . They can deny this, but the only thing they didn't do to confirm it was put it up on the Diamondview screens at the Rockies and Bronco games . .

Look at it this way . . why else would they draft a stone like Loretta Kennedy to be part of their "Regional Staff"? It opened up a seat, and started the dominoes falling . . cross your eyes, look at your nose . . See, plain as the nose on your face . .

My first clue was a question Steve Henson asked in an exchange of eMails a while back and it was,
Hey Large,
My question is, how can Sal Pace survive without a salary for a year,
and why would he do that just to serve as a state rep making about $30,000 a year?

Hmmm, engage brain . . Look back and see who, what and where is good for the party, and how to complete a "bloodless coup" . . not to mention, Mr. Pace seems to be on the party's "fast track" for bigger and better things down the road, sooo, his Internship into Professional Politics starting at the state level . . apparently Sal has been a "Good Soldier" . . and this is the party's way of rewarding that . . At Chuck's expense, I'd guess.

And further, we all know few State Reps that make ONLY $30k a year . . a while back, the Chieftain published a story illuminating State House and Senate salaries, showing most to be pulling in $55k plus when "overtime", per diem and travel are included. Last years salaries were, in some cases, over $100k, Abel Tapia being one of those . . This, in no way, makes any of those "bad guys", because the law provides for that . . But there is absolutely no need to believe we are making "Paupers" of our Representatives. They seem to eat better than I do, and in far nicer places, I might add . .

But . . wotthehelldoIknow?

Zen Curmudgeon
09-02-2007, 10:17 AM
Voters can only choose between the choices they're offered in the voting booth. Maybe you could run as a Repub/Indie and offer that choice.


09-02-2007, 10:44 AM
In Pueblo County, the facts that Jim Brewer won a County Commissioner's seat as a Republican, twice, and Danny Corsentino held office as a three term Republican Sheriff, rate right up there with Jesus making water into wine . .

So, even to declare as a potential Republican/Indie Candidate for anything in Pueblo County will generally entitle all pundits within a 200 mile radius to question your ability and sanity . .

Plus, about 12 years ago, someone offered a suggestion that I run for a particular office . . And my wife said, very quietly, but with menace in the undertone; "You run for ANY office and I'll have you killed!"

This is not, in any way, a statement that I'm afraid of my wife . . but I sure as hell respect her opinions . .

And . . I don't believe I even brought the Republicans into the discussion. They don't do things like the Democrats do in Pueblo County because they don't have the numbers nor the current power . . When they held both State and Federal legislative seats, they often played the same little games, just not with the obvious transparencies the Dems do here . . and now.

It really kind of reminds me of the 40's through the 70's . . the Pueblo County Democratic Party wasn't really a party, it was a "Business" and a very successful one at that . .

User No Longer With Us
09-02-2007, 03:42 PM
Can also vote the write in option, isn't there? Or is that illegal now?

09-02-2007, 04:35 PM
As far as I know, that's an option and it's not illegal . . however, with electronically counted ballots, like those used in most of Pueblo's precincts, it wouldn't be registered, as there's no way of doing it . .

Often I think all ballots ought to have a "None of the above are qualified" space so that we might register our protest . .

loose cannon
10-06-2007, 07:17 AM
Colorado Election law does provide for write in ballots, the methods vary with the election device/method by every device/method of voting must provide for an ability of the voter to write in. for example when the ballots were punch card you wrote in on the envelope. However these votes to count the prospective write in candidate must file prior to election per what ever schedule is published by the Colorado Secretary of State for that election.
In the 2008 Commissioners election and the musical chairs the Democratic insiders were playing that you have been commenting on, the only option will not be to write in. Debbie Rose, from Beulah, is running for the Republican nod and has put together a campaign committee with a good cross section of Republicans and a number of experienced campaigners who were involved in Democratic campaigns as well including key players in Kirk Taylor's run , Abel Tapia etc. Her committee is chaired by George Rivera, retired Deputy Chief of Police in Pueblo. Annie Martinez is the treasurer. So I would not conclude just yet it will be politics as usual here in River City.

10-06-2007, 08:14 AM
Heh, heh, (as he wipes crow feathers from the corners of his mouth) The Democrats threw a curve that should've been reserved for the baseball playoffs!

Who the Hell is John Cordova?

The Democrats certainly thanked Dorothy Butcher for her loyal efforts in the State House of Representatives . .