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loose cannon
08-28-2007, 09:28 PM
Well it seems the Corsentino School of funny math to support

the most outrageous political positions has a new instructor:

City Councilwoman Vera Ortegon.

It seems that a $100,000 cut in city funding to the agencies

who serve the most at risk in our communities is actually

an increase in funding. She is really sincere! It is amazing

but there may be folks who believe their own propaganda.

This fig leaf is so absurd that it can not go unchallenged.

It is a cover for the Councilís decision to give $200,000

for brick & mortar to another private organization whose membership

and services are tailored for largely middle class professionals

at the expense of the network nonprofit agencies who are providing

much needed social service to the most needy of our community

from the Boys and Girls Club who provide positive alternatives

to children who are growing up in families and area most susceptible

to gang pressures, underage drinking, teenage pregnancy etc

to the SRDA who provide needed services to our Elderly at risk population.

All these cuts are a shell game by the City Council to fund an agency who withdrew from the United Way because they did not want to release the details on the outrageous salary the YMCA executive director draws.

This shell game must not go unchallenged and exposed for what it is.

08-29-2007, 07:30 AM
To a point I agree . . however, Council, starting with the "Funny Math" of the politician, chose to give, first, money to the Y that they didn't have, and then to disburse more of what they didn't have to the non profits . . quit complaining, according to Vera, you got a 3.89% "Raise" . .

That's better than the maintenance of the infrastructure (the reason we have government and taxes) got . . currently, I pay an extra $3 a month for "Storm drainage fees" because I have a 24' X 30" concrete parking slab adjacent to the back alley . . which drains onto my slab . . and for 3 years they have told me that they are going to provide drainage in that alley, except, every year, they tell us the have no funds to accomplish it . . but they keep charging that 3 bucks . . That, in itself is no biggie, but it is just one microcosm of the big picture . . We cannot replace and maintain our streets, our Storm sewers, our sanitary sewers, or the rest of the infrastructure that taxes are collected for, because we're supporting social programs instead.

The YMCA, (if the Y can actually be considered a Non Profit) and all the rest of the Non-Profits need to realize, that as long as there's holes in the streets, flooding when it rains and the First Responders (Police and Fire) don't have the men and equipment they need, the non profits will need to look elsewhere for funding . .

Sorry, but that's how it needs to be . .

08-30-2007, 08:41 AM
I rest my case . . .