View Full Version : Pace Ranch thefts

07-16-2007, 09:59 AM
This story annoyed me so much, I had to register so I could discuss it with people. Please help me understand.

This woman has had this problem for 2 years and she hasn't installed surveillance cameras yet? Why not? She has a lot of stuff left unattended that apparently unscrupulous people want to take. It's her stuff, if she wants to keep it, she needs to take whatever steps are needed to stop the thieves. Instead of having more stuff stolen after the first theft, she could have sold something to pay for the cameras. Now it's gone anyway. It's not like this stuff was a part of her daily life. I understand wanting to keep it, but she could have parted to something to save the rest. It is just stuff, after all.

Instead she whines about a new road being the cause of it? Is she saying the new road should not have been built because it has negatively impacted her life? I understand not being pleased abut the new road, but new roads are going to happen. Change is inevitable. Sometimes you've got to change, too.

When I drive around on my property, I leave my vehicle doors unlocked. When I drive off of my property, I lock my doors. Because my surroundings have changed and I want to be proactive in protecting myself. When it gets cold, we add clothing. Because our surroundings have changed and we want to protect ourselves.

If knew someone who was stealing from anyone, I would turn them in. But most people don't advertise that they indulge in that sort of behavior. And if someone knows about these thefts, they probably aren't the sort to tattle or they would have done it by now. It seems to me that by putting this in the paper, they've told more thieves exactly where to go to steal more stuff that's just sitting around waiting to be taken. Or maybe they did install surveillance cameras and they're just trolling for thieves?

If this was your stuff, what would you do?