View Full Version : Is this the prelude to a new cold war

06-10-2007, 08:06 AM
I found this story quite chilling. get it? Chilling ?

Putin: How worried should the West be?

Angered by western 'imperialism' and emboldened by soaring oil riches, the Russian bear is growling again. Sunday Times reporters analyze the new threat from the east and explain why it cannot be ignored

Mark Franchetti in Moscow, Nicola Smith in Heiligendamm, Sarah Baxter in Washington and Richard Woods, Michael Smith and Isabel Oakeshott in London

At the Russian embassy in London on Friday, the greeting to visitors was sub-zero. “What is your question?” barked an official through the intercom; he softened only when told that an appointment with the ambassador himself had been arranged.

Inside the building the reception rooms are magnificently grand with high ceilings, mahogany doors and antique furniture. On a coffee table stood a plate of Jammie Dodger biscuits, meticulously arranged in the shape of a rose. Next to them was a bowl of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Yuri Fedotov, the ambassador, had little time for pleasantries. He dismissed notions of a new “cold war” but firmly accused Britain and the West of riding roughshod over Russian sensibilities.

“We expect more respect for our national interests,” Fedotov said. “The very notion of friendship in international relations is very subjective. If it is about partnership, it should be on an equal footing, not the partnership of the horseman and the horse.”



06-11-2007, 06:39 AM
Personally, I think that, if Dubya and Vladimar were such good buds . . They'd communicate a little better . . Like, "Say, Vlad, how's about you n' me getting together to figure out an anti missile defense system to prevent the Middle Eastern "Nuts" from firing them into "Our" free world?" (kinda include the Russians, y'know)

Nothing like a little open communication . . Let the other guy who can make or break your deal help in decisions that might involve him . .

Yeah, Yeah, I know, Ole Vladimir has been looking more and more like the Russia of old, but I think, if he's brought out into the open, included in the free world's concerns, he'll have to bring his country with him . . The situation with Russia is a simple one . . Economic . .

Russia's current economic model is what happens when a country with tremendous amounts of untapped resources goes from a dictatorial socialist economy, which isn't really an economy, to a free market, is just a couple of years . . If the human body had to absorb a change of that magnitude, it would succumb to shock . . it's gonna take a while to adjust, and if the Russians can do business with us, which they do, then we need to be a little more open with their government . .

And we need to quit worrying about their style of government, it too will adjust . . until it works for the Russian people. They've gotten a big taste of Western Freedom and Economics . . They won't go back . . .