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05-24-2007, 03:46 PM
This is what has happened over and over in regards to the immigration raids in California.

1. ICE will hold small raids.

2. The newspapers will start in with the poor illegal aliens being to scared to take their children to school.

3. Public meeting for the illegal aliens will be organized. In cities around the San Francisco Bay Area the police were involved coaching the illegal aliens how to circumvent the law. Many of the meetings were held in Spanish.

4. The honest people got upset and formed their own groups. Many visited their city councils. This is the link to one of the news stories of the aftermath.


5. There will be proposals of making the city a sanctuary for illegals!

I'm sorry if I have offended any of you and I do wish you all the best with upcoming events.

P.S. Many in the police departments here are glad to see us stand up to what has been happening to our nation. Iím sure they will be where you are to.

Many honest people are forming groups in their cities and visiting their local city council meetings.

1 Find a place for a meeting. Libraries or coffee shops are good.

2 Let your local news in on what you are trying to do. Patriots or Minutemen are good key words that will let others know what your group is about.

3 Hold a meeting. Get a small group of people elected to help keep things organized and your group functioning.

4 Visit your local city council or other public meetings and let them know how you feel.

Rallies are a good way to let people in your area know what your group is about. Let the police know when you have a rally planned. To keep your group going it can be helpful to have a flyer ready to let people know of your next meeting or rally.

P.S Work on building up your contact list.

Zen Curmudgeon
05-25-2007, 06:10 AM
So where's the "church" in "ICE roundups have church community in turmoil"?


05-25-2007, 08:40 AM
Geez, I dunno . .

However, I had to chuckle at the news reports of the "Fugitive Alien's Roundup" in the paper . .

A wife of one of the fugitives was bleating about their potentially "Becoming Citizens" and that they had been here for 24 years . . However, she had to have a translator because apparently she couldn't speak in any form of English that could be understood . .

This person is part of the problem, one of the many who come here for the money and a better standard of living than they would have in their Home country, but refusing to assimilate in any way . . The first indicator, of course, is attempting to learn English . . or the native language of whatever country you have chosen to migrate to . .

No sympathy . .

Or . . Her Husband (one of many) was ordered by the court to be deported . . And now, she, and the padre of her church (who can barely speak English himself) cannot believe that he has been arrested and is in the process of being deported . . "Oh, My, What to do?" Like this is a big surprise and an unjust action being performed by a Nazi-like Government . . Duhhh . . And, she doesn't want to go with him, apparently . . and seems to be asking for public sympathy so that she may stay . . and with her means of income gone on a big green bus . . that means that Welfare or something similar with US Government's signature on the check will be the new provider . .

Nahhh . . yer goin' on a looong vacation to Mexico, Juanita . . and take your kids with you . .

No sympathy . .

While I certainly don't want to sound "Racist", this is the mindset that the Illegals are pumping into the media and the public . . granted, the labor in the various jobs they fill is needed and appreciated, but . . Because it's all rooted in an initial illegal act, and over time requires more illegal acts to allow them to remain or to work, and fraudulent acts and claims to receive any social aid or welfare as well as education for children they either brought with them, or had once they got here, there's got to be a better way to do this . .

First, let's send the criminals home . . to whatever country they came from . . and if their kids were born American Citizens because of an oversight in the 14th amendment, tough . . they can go wherever the parents and family go, or remain here as wards of the state . .

They knew the risks when they came here illegally . . and no matter what they have done in the line of work once they got here, they are no more benefactors to the country than I am . . I work for money, I get paid, I pay taxes, that's expected . . They are here . . benefitting from a free society into which they came illegally . . they weren't invited, and now they've been caught and are claiming that they've done nothing wrong . .

As a citizen, had I broken a similar law, I would have been fined and perhaps incarcerated, with little or no argument or defense . . Do illegals deserve any better because "They have Rights" . . or a job ?

No sympathy . .

Leaping Known
05-27-2007, 09:28 PM
Be careful large, if you live on the southside, according to many you are still part of Spain....

05-28-2007, 08:29 AM
Well, you get right back to the wording of all this . . if you're here Illegally, you're not an "Immigrant", you're an "Illegal Alien" or perhaps, "Illegal Worker", and you know the ramifications. Get caught, Go directly back to where you came from . . That's the rumored rule, more often than not, ignored by both the illegal and the local law. Unless you do something really stupid . .

BUT . . Currently, with the Anti-Illegal stance that ICE is pursuing, with political pressure from above, of course, building a family and a future in the USA if you're here illegally is not the best of ideas . . anything one might do should be thought of as a "temporary situation" at best . . and on one hand that's how the illegals look at it.

On the other, Once they're here, they believe (or want the citizens to believe) that they're no more than your neighbors, like Lucy and Desi . . Except that they have a dozen kids, nobody over there ever learned to speak english and they honor all the Mexican holidays and talk of the "Reconquista" . . And then tell a reporter when busted, that they "have applied to become citizens" . . OF WHERE?

C'mon . . look me in the eye and tell me that you came here to make money, and live better than you did in Mexico . . and have absolutely no plans whatsoever to learn English, or find out why we take the Fourth of July off, or pay any more taxes than you absolutely have to. (an American tradition, no doubt, but You're not an American) Not to mention the fact that your incessant trips to the Emergency room everytime one of your kids comes down with a runny nose drives my health insurance up, or my property tax goes up another mil or five to help educate your kids . . Annnd . . you want the Cinco de Mayo to be made a National Holiday! Once more you're lying to me, first, that you're here at all, now, that you're here "To Help Me" . . But first, "I must grant you more rights than I currently have" . . Because . . "You just broke the law, a little bit" . .

I'm not a racist, believe that or not. First, because . . if you're "Tan", look at your driver's license . . Under Race, it sez "CAUCASIAN", just like mine . . it isn't your color, or ancestry that bothers me . . it's your "Nationality" and the fact that you left it to come here illegally. Claiming that you and yours are "Benefactors" because you jumped ahead of those who are trying to get here honestly is no more than the same whimpering of the Jailbird who's been "framed" . .

At the risk of being very redundant, I'll say once more, those here, working, are needed. But, they must contribute as Citizens, or in the least as legal visitors and workers . . After all, if The government can find me or a cow in a couple of hours, it ought to know who our visitors are and where they might find them . . As for Amnesty . . ? That is nothing more than an invitation to another 10-20 million who will not hesitate to "break into" the country and continue the problem . .

History does not have to repeat itself!

As for "Nuevo Espania", it's an idea cultivated by the Government of the Country of Mexico, stated in speeches by the Ambassador of Mexico in Los Angeles, and published in many Mexican and Southern California newspapers and publications, often referring to the "Re-conquest" of parts of the USA, from Southern California, to the Gasden Purchase, The Texas Independence, and in some cases, all of the Western U.S. designated as "New Spain" prior to the Louisiana Purchase in the 1840's . . Why it's not thought of as an "Overthrow of the Government" or the taking of Sovereign Property is beyond me . .

Just more Politics, I guess . .