View Full Version : Who is responsible? And WHY?

05-15-2007, 01:01 PM
Looks like a bunch of kids with a Hot Potato . .

Last night at the City Council Meeting, seems that the finger pointing went clear around th' table . . regarding the recent flooding of the bottoms in and around "The areas North of Pueblo Mall" . . Dennis Maroney (Stormwater Director) blamed the Fountain creek . . duhhh . . oversimplification . . at the least.

Mr. Ray Mohrlang's father in law, one Howard Genteman, when he was alive, used to tell me stories about the Fountain and it's idiosyncrasies . . One of them was, the Fountain's just like a 300 pound Gorilla, it goes where ever it wants . . But he stayed dry in '65, so apparently Ray's at least "Half Right" . .

And at one time, about the time of the Porter Draw Trainwreck, the main channel was somewhere close to where the Genteman House is and flowed right through the center of the little pond beside Dillon drive . . How do I know? Bill Dickey used to go dig in the bottom of it with his dragline as a stress relief years ago . . and he must've dug up a full setting of the Blue China from the Dining Car that was never seen after the wreck . . dunno if the railroad car's down there but the china was . .

I've never figured out how Graco "strip mined" that 40 acres and skated by the law when it was done, let alone 10 years later . . If for no other reason than the strip mining reclamation act was ignored by both Graco and the City/County of Pueblo, and, for that matter, the Pueblo County Health Department.

Nonetheless . .

Once the fill was mined, the property was no more than "River Bottom" within a flood control dike. It wouldn't even support vegetation to any degree, as the water table fluctuated and left an alkaline skin in many places. How this came about has to be a question apparently NO ONE wants to answer . .

And while I'm not sure who owned the 40 acres before Graco bought it, at one time it was owned by the Genteman family who currently own the adjacent property that was flooded. But, a fact that is outstanding . . The City of Pueblo bought a "Mosquito Farm" from Graco? WHY? For what conceivable purpose would anyone buy a literal swamp? And what city Councilman or official benefitted from this sale? Was this some sort of kickback to Graco for something? While the flooding shouldn't have happened, because apparently the City owns the dike, I think it has spotlighted another completely different issue . . Why did the city buy that worthless property? And how much did they pay for it?