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Zen Curmudgeon
05-06-2007, 12:59 PM
In the 5/6 Chieftain, letter-writer Janice Lee Cox (http://www.chieftain.com/editorial/1178480570/11) opines that the young gunman was twisted into killing by antidepressant drugs, which she claims are responsible for "serious horrible crimes." Not surprisingly, she advocates finding Jesus as the cure all for unhappy people.

A pity she didn't actually read the news stories about Seung Hui Cho's troubled adolescence. She might have learned that Cho's mother had already tried the religious route (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/05/05/AR2007050501221.html).

Cho's family has said nothing publicly about his medical history, his academic performance or anything else that might explain what drove him to kill. Nevertheless, [Cho's mother] Hyang In Cho knew last year that her son was troubled. Before finding [Presbyterian church] One Mind, she had gone to several other congregations of various denominations seeking help, according to officials at several Northern Virginia churches.

"His problem needed to be solved by spiritual power," said [Rev. Dong Cheol] Lee, whose church members met with Cho and his mother. "That's why she came to our church -- because we were helping several people like him." Those churchgoers told Hyang In Cho that her son was afflicted by demonic power and needed deliverance, Lee said.I guess the conclusion to be drawn here is invisible beings can overcome pharmacology - at least in Janice Lee Cox's world.


05-07-2007, 11:28 AM
just goes to show you, the average American has little understanding of the need for mental health care in this country . .

God doesn't micro manage . . if someone's nuts, it's up to their family and friends to get them help . . and the system is absolutely no help . .

Digger Dan
05-31-2007, 05:47 AM
Common sense has been replaced by nonsense at nearly all levels of American institutions---the Constitution hasn't changed much---soooo----too many "self fixation true believers" pandering to "God talks only to me so I have the answer for all" junkies of every ilk, whether it is politics, religion, finance, social welfare. Some old foggies of the past arrived at school with the old trusty rifle hanging in the window of the old pick-up--Never heard of a school shooting then----on the other hand there wasn't much media and kid self-centeredness around to create the atmosphere. Maybe too much pollution and self pollination going on at the human level.

05-31-2007, 12:26 PM
Actually, I think it has to do with the cheap idea that killing humans for entertainment is cool. Buy a video game, what's the object? Kill as many of the Villains (pedestrians, women, children, or whatever the game uses images of) as you can, gaining score for it . . Watch TV, today's programming Execs say "We're cutting down on violence!" Yeah, right, we have fewer "Violent" acts shown, but the stuff depicted on "Criminal Minds' and "CSI" (any one of the three) is as gory as showing a direct hit on a body with a couple of rounds of 00 Buck at close range . . or even the "Ether Academy" movies . . When they aren't cutting someone up, or screwing, they're patching up GSWs and Knife slashes . . often suffering some of their own, depending upon the writer's needs . .

It's no wonder kids (and young Adults) commit these types of crimes, they've been counseled and taught how to do it by our choice of entertainment . .

Usta be, a high school age kid had or wanted a hunting rifle or shotgun, perhaps both . . today, most would laugh at you if you were to present one . . They want "Nines" and Glock 40's, AK's, guns like that . . why? Hunting animals for sport and food are downers, handling firearms skillfully and with caution are "Out". Being a Hat on Backwards Gang Banger is where it's at . . Look at the pictures of Cho, he looks just like another TV portrayed "Banger" . . Just like your 10 year old wants to look like the Black Rapper on BET, Your Teen age boys want to look and sound like the "Gang Bangers' they see on TV, In the movies, and worst, out on the street . .

And now, because it has been made a "Popular Diagnosis" by law Enforcement as a cover for some of their indiscretions, "Suicide by Cop" has become a popular way to gain attention and leave a mark . . life has become so cheap that kids no longer even value their own . . and if you suffer from "Clinical Depression" . . it gets even cheaper! Take a bunch with you, leave a mark!

It's not the availability of guns that creates or amplifies this problem, but the frame of mind we give youngsters today, from the cradle through puberty . . Life's cheap, sex is free, if you're not getting any, it's society's fault, everybody's rich, so if you're not, something's wrong with you . . it's an entitlement, you don't have to work for anything, just take it . . With those assumptions, depression isn't too far away from anybody who's not being fulfilled by those rules . .

And again, they hear it in their Music, see it in their Games, their TV and Movies, observe the neverending fuss it makes on the main stream media when it happens in real life, so how can anyone with half a brain wonder where it comes from ?